Yellow Scarf

By | June 20, 2018

Check out these women scarf images:

Yellow Scarf
women scarf
Image by Sublime Dharma

A GIRL IN THE SNOW — The Original, Untransposed, 3-D Proof Print
women scarf
Image by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
Not a Muslim girl, but a Japanese women in a yard (or garden) with her oiled-paper umbrella protecting her from a cold winter rain.

Probably photographed in Yokohama near T. Enami’s studio, it is quite possible the woman is his wife, or a close friend. If not, perhaps she is one of a few Geisha he hired for the day.

On occasion, these old Japanese head-dresses are mistaken for Muslim religious garb. However, the similarity is purely coincidental.

As for the oiled-paper umbrella, at the time this 3-D photo was taken (circa 1905) it seems that Japanese society was split down the middle in its use of both Japanese and Western-style umbrellas.

The above stereoview is a close variant of image No. S 180 — Woman in the Snow, listed in Enami’s circa 1908 3-D Catalog. If he issued it separately, it might be S 784 — Strolling in the Snow. However, I have never seen a numbered production print (or Lantern-slide) that would confirm it.

I’m sticking with S 180 — Woman in the Snow, as Enami was known to have published "variant" images all having the same numbers and titles.

In any case, the above image was scanned from one of a few miraculous proof prints (contact prints made directly from the original stereoview glass negatives) that survived the complete destruction of Enami’s studio in 1923.

If you are a "cross-eyed" free-viewer, the above stereoview proof is just for you ~ !


明日 明治時代 立体写真 江南信國 江南 信國





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