Studio portrait of Annette Kellerman, c 1907

By | February 22, 2018

A few nice girl scarf images I found:

Studio portrait of Annette Kellerman, c 1907
girl scarf
Image by Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons
This studio photograph shows the famous Australian swimmer and silent Hollywood film star Annette Kellerman wearing a very daring one piece swimsuit and posing with her hand gracefully outstretched. Kellerman produced several studio photographs of herself in different poses as illustrations for her book ‘Physical beauty, how to keep it.’, published by G H Doran Company in New York in 1918.

In her book How to Swim, 1918, she objected to the early heavy swimsuits of the late 1800s and early 1900s:

‘The bathing girl of our popular beaches only a few seasons ago wore shoes, stockings and bloomers, skirts, corsets and a dinky little cap…There is no more reason why you should wear those awful water overcoats – those awkward, unnecessary, lumpy “bathing suits,” than there is that you should wear lead chains.’

Object no. 00029949

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girl scarf
Image by Mait Jüriado
Essaouira – one of the most beautiful citys in Morocco.



girl scarf
Image by dydcheung
Lighting info:
-Vivitar 3700 on full power @ camera left
-approx. 7 ft high

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