Sister Gypsy

By | July 4, 2018

A few nice girl scarf images I found:

Sister Gypsy
girl scarf
Image by Katie Burry
Thanks to my little sister, Maddie for help with these photos. ♥

New blog post

Day 251 – Dreaming of Autumn
girl scarf
Image by rachel_titiriga
It has been in the high 30’s C lately…that is about the high 90’s F. Blah! I am not a summer person…i want the sun to hide…i want the clouds, and the rain and the fog…i want the cold, I want to see people in scarves and jackets and gloves…i want to see leaves changing colors and falling to the ground…and the sun setting earlier….

i can’t wait for autumn to get here….

HiStyley l Melrose Street Style #76
girl scarf
Image by HiStyley

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