A typical NYC high school student

Some cool girl scarf images: A typical NYC high school student Image by Ed Yourdon This was taken on 89th Street Street and Lexington Avenue… Assuming that this is a typical NYC high-school student (which I think is the case, simply from the experience of seeing lots of other young men and women of approximately similar age, looks, and clothing style out on the street at approximately the same time… Read More »

Nice Girl Scarf photos

Check out these girl scarf images: 1962 DIY Fashion Ad, Simplicity Dress Pattern, Shapely Young Model in Wool Jersey Shift, Hat, & Gloves Image by classic_film Ad text: "Our lithe and simple shift dramatized by the swagger of a scarf, tied according to your fancy. We like this dress oyster pale, striking on its own and under the dark of the coat. In Heller’s wool jersey… Emme’s sideswept cloche completes… Read More »

Nice Women Scarf photos

A few nice women scarf images I found: Croatia-00579 – Hardworking Woman Image by archer10 (Dennis) 111M Views PLEASE, no multi invitations or self promotion in your comments, THEY WILL BE DELETED. My photos are FREE for anyone to use, just give me credit and it would be nice if you let me know, thanks – NONE OF MY PICTURES ARE HDR. In 2006, in memory of hardworking women of… Read More »

2012 – I Shall Rise Again

Check out these girl scarf images: 2012 – I Shall Rise Again Image by country_boy_shane Enjoy my art? Visit the Shane Gorski Photography Store and enjoy it in print! View On Black You MUST view it large. Incredibly better large on black! Happy BLEEPIN’ Halloween! I attended the Zombie Walk in Ferndale last weekend. People come from around town donate food or money to charity, organize a zombie mob, and… Read More »

Cool Girl Scarf images

Some cool girl scarf images: 160 Image by Mitya Ku Alina Zenit 122, helios 44m kodak400 Image by galaxies and hurricanes patagonia Girl with coffee Image by Ed Yourdon I took this on the subway platform at the 96th St IRT station, because I thought the young woman — with her blue scarf and blonde hair — was quite photogenic. But she never did stand still, and the relatively dim… Read More »

Cashmere Scarf – Digitally Printed with Shima Seiki SIP160f

Printing onto Cashmere Scarf… without compromise!!! The Shima Seiki SIP digital printer prints direct to the garment or accessory with DYES not inks. Because of this there is no difference to the finished handle just as there wouldn’t be if the yarn was dyed at source – except you have the endless design and colour possibilities available at your finger tips! And because it is digital it costs no more… Read More »

Cool Women Scarf images

A few nice women scarf images I found: Pink Scarf Image by Anita Robicheau Face in the crowd Image by Simon Blackley [0258-64] HearNoSeeNoSpeakNo EVIL Image by SoCal Photo Design Must View Large!