Nice Women Wear Scarf photos

By | February 20, 2018

Some cool women wear scarf images:

Women and children first!
women wear scarf
Image by rogiro
Lamu, Kenya

women wear scarf
Image by lisbokt
A great example of my daily uniform (for the colder months)

My knit hat, which I wear so often people recognise by me it and don’t recognise me without it.
My beige quilted jacket, which is surprisingly warm.
My totally awesome red & white scarf from the Red Cross.
My knit cardigan that’s kind of ugly but very, very warm!
My custom messenger bag from Timbuk2.
My painted jeans – that’s not painted for art, they were perfectly normal jeans until I splattered them working and now I wear them whenever I’m going to be messy.
My converse all-stars.

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