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By | August 3, 2018

A few nice women scarf images I found:

Phù Lá Hán minority
women scarf
Image by Linda DV
Bac Ha market.

The Phu La, have nearly 8900 inhabitants living in the provinces of Lai Chau, Son La, Lao Cai and Ha Giang. The largest part settles in Lao Cai.
The Phu La are also called Bo Kho Pa, Mu Di Pa and Va Xo Lao.

From ’54 Ethnic Groups’ VNA publishing house, Hanoi.
I bought this book in ‘Vietnam Museum of Ethnology’ Hanoi.

There are six Phula sub-groups: Flowery Phula, Black Phula, Phula Han, Chu La Phula, White Phula and Xa Pho.

There are also approximately 4,200 Phù Lá in China, where they are classified as members of the Yi ethnic group.

Women of this Phu La subgroup wear indigo trousers instead of skirts. This subgroup wears high-collared blouses of green or blue, with embroidered bands sewn on the cuffs and around the upper sleeves. They cover the blouse with a decorated apron, held up by a silver chain around the neck. They often wear a plaid scarf as a head covering. Phula women, as well as men, always carry beautifully decorated cloth handbags.

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women scarf
Image by pfv.
very simple image. nothing special to it…

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