Nice Women Scarf photos

By | August 2, 2018

Some cool women scarf images:

At the Coffee Plantation
women scarf
Image by Melinda Stuart
Yes, I was there.
The hills behind the Kona Coast offer a perfect environment for growing coffee beans, which has been done there for many years. Many of the little farms process and produce their own label product, but other farmers grow to sell to the larger processors. For various reasons, the coffee business is under stress, as are many traditional food crops in Hawaii. The traditional big ones (plantations) of sugar and pineapple are essentially dead, I learned. A number of small, diverse, organic vegetable farms are starting up. This is sensible, if they can sustain it, because at present Hawaii must import a great deal of its foodstuffs.

I’m not a great one for self portraits, but fellow travelers kept approaching me, wanting to capture the moment, so. . . . thanks for looking 🙂

Photo OF me, but not BY me.

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