Nice Women Scarf photos

By | June 14, 2018

Some cool women scarf images:

CHAOS THEORY 2- OOAK Multicolor Scarf w/ Fringe in Black Grey Orange Yellow Brown Green
women scarf
Image by smittenkittenorig
Another shot of my Chaos Theory 2. 🙂

Street Portrait
women scarf
Image by toddwshaffer
New Orleans, LA

This girl came up to me and asked for some money. I declined and kept walking. However, we were walking the same direction and I listened to her ask a few more people along the way. Between requests she was singing. About four blocks later I turned around and said, "I’ll give you a dollar for your picture" – she considered, then accepted, and asked "what should I do?" and I just told her to stand and look straight ahead. Once the inquisitive look left her face I shot the photo.

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