Nice Girl Scarf photos

By | July 12, 2018

Some cool girl scarf images:

Which Way Round?
girl scarf
Image by theirhistory
When printing up a photo from a single neg or slide, you just need to check that you are printing it the right way round.
A clue is to look for lettering, or if it is in England which side the traffic is on, another check is to see are there any pockets on a mans jacket, or which way does a coat or shirt do up.
At times those in the photo do not really help, if it was just the boy in the raincoat you would reverse this neg before printing. But this lad has the coat done up in the girls fashion, or the wrong way round.
I have to admit in dressing the same up to the age of eight, not having any fatherly help, my mother had simply taught me to do a coat up her way. As most boys raincoats did up either way, there was no other clue for me.

Brianna at the Riptide
girl scarf
Image by WarzauWynn

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