Nice Girl Scarf photos

By | April 4, 2018

Some cool girl scarf images:

Wardrobe Remix, Couples Edition
girl scarf
Image by Lorena Cupcake
INSPIRATION: We’re trying to be the most alternative couple on earth

CLAUDE: thrifted scarf, 2 secondhand Ts, Old Navy hoodie, F21 girl jeans by way of Rag-O-Rama

LORENA: Hobby Lobby bandanna, DIY Robots Shall Overcome T, Delia*s mini, mismatched American Apparel socks, Happy Socks

SHOES: Claude and I are wearing identical PF Flyer Bob Cousy All Americans

WAYFARERS: Claude got his from Michael who was randomly given them at a party, mine are from Fred Flare and relensed in my prescription by Global Eyeglasses

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and I said you shouldn’t make facts out of opinions
girl scarf
Image by lanuiop

girl scarf
Image by JusDaFax
Autumn colors in Colorado Springs

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