Mix & Match Pastel Color : Padu Padan Warna Pastel

By | January 17, 2018

Halo guyss di video aku kali ini aku akan memberikan tips bagaimana memadupadankan warna-warna pastel hijab dengan beberapa outfit yang cocok digunakan baik untuk penampilan casual hingga formal. Dan di sini aku juga akan menjelaskan asal usul dari warna pastel tsb dan bagaimana kita bisa memilih warna-warna pastel yang sesuai dengan warna kulit kita.
Mau tau apa aja tips nya ?.
yuk nonton video nya sampai selesai. Dan kalau misalkan kalian suka dengan video aku jangan lupa di LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, COMMENT.
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video ini dibuat menggunakan kamera canon EOS M3
dan di edit menggunakan aplikasi Kine Master & Filmora go

Artikel mengenai pengertian warna pastel dan contoh nya berikut link nya :


foto-foto contoh outfit long cape, long outer, sepatu, hijab motif pattern, hijab pastel aku ambil dari pinterest berikut link nya :

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Here’s some helpful styling ideas when it comes to packing light for a nice vacation. In this video I will share my essential items for packing and expanding my outfit choices. I will also show you how I keep everything compact into one carry on luggage that’s 19″X13.5 “. Seriously, this is what I carry on the plan through every trip. Travel light and enjoy your trip! Make sure to watch to the the end!

outfit 1-2-3:
Urbanoutfitters tee
Pac Sun shorts
Urbanoutfitters sandals- not current
H&M sweater, hat, and tote
F21 leggings
H&M jacket – not current
Rebecca Minkoff mini Mac
PacSun Bandeau top
F21 necklace

Outfit 4-5
Asos skirt (don’t think it’s in stock anymore but they always have nice maxis)
H&M old belt
Rebecca Minkoff mini mac
Sam Edelman wedges-not current

Outfit 6-7-8:
Lulus Dress
H&M Jacket -not current
H&M stripped sweater
Rebecca Minkoff mini mac purse
Sam Eldeman wedges

Music from AudioMicro.com

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20 thoughts on “Mix & Match Pastel Color : Padu Padan Warna Pastel

  1. Monique Smith

    Sorry these outfits were yuk πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

  2. Lorie Worley

    Oh my stars. Love your jacket! Thanks for putting this video together. I'm traveling in October. This helps!

  3. Romy B

    I hate the way you're "getting thrown" the items. doing it once would have been fine. over & over is lame

  4. Megan Teague

    You know the maxi skirt hack? Remember, wearing the dress like that will make you look shorter. It looks lovely, but i just wanted to say that. Compare it to her wearing with the black tshirt. Awesome video!

  5. PandaNinja24

    Your style is similar to mine but still strays a little outside my comfort zone (I'm less feminine, often going for jeans and hoodies). I feel like I could pull these outfits off, which isn't something I often experience with these kinds of videos.
    I loved the creativity and the versatility, and the way you managed to come up with 8 lovely casual feminine outfits with only a few items without it being spartan or totally repetitive. I've been looking to alter my style a little and I'll definitely think of this when Summer comes back around.

  6. Grasiela Makishti

    I realized that fashion was miserable 3 years ago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Sharna Chauhan

    superb very well done….really created a killer impression on me. But where all we can utilize your style.

  8. Nesha Christian-Hendrickson

    Do you have a more recent one of these videos? I loved this one

  9. Thalia Wiggins

    Great ideas for packing light and remaining stylish while traveling. Though someone in the comments mentioned that pajamas were missing from the list, I'm sure there will be room in the suitcase. #travel #vacation #fashion #tips


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