loving the backpack 5

By | April 11, 2018

A few nice girl scarf images I found:

loving the backpack 5
girl scarf
Image by Idhren

Stranger Portrait No. 53
girl scarf
Image by chris zerbes
Altough claiming on my last portrait, I did not want to post any older photos, I decided to post this one, because I think it fits perfectly in the plan in my head for the next 2-3 pictures.

So this shot was made back in fall, when we had a relatively warm day (at least for mid-november), though her scarf would tell otherwise. I saw her standing and waiting next to a large fountain, and I decided after a short time to approach her and ask for a portrait. She was absolutely positive about it and I was able to make some nice shots with her headphones matching her handbag color.

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