How-to wear scarves – Hermes scarf in a twist wrap

By | January 18, 2018

How to tie a square silk scarf into a twist wrap knot.

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8 thoughts on “How-to wear scarves – Hermes scarf in a twist wrap

  1. MaiTai Collection

    So kind of you to say, thank you! Hope you'll have fun exploring 🙂

  2. Mazween Maruan

    you're really good at this you make it look simple and yet so classy and I definitely wanna wear scarves now as one of my fashion accessories..esp. Hermes 😉 thnk u!

  3. MaiTai Collection

    Hi, I have my own line of scarf and shawl rings, which are available through my site. It is not possible to post a link here, but if you google 'MaiTai' and 'Collection' you will find me. You could also follow the link in the info section above, and then click the 'scarf rings' tab in the header.

  4. MaiTai Collection

    Hi Lollazizi, a moyenne (medium size) with 70 Carrés (70cm x 70cm) and a grande (large) with a standard 90 Carré (90cm x 90cm). xx


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