How to wear a scarf with style for women over 40 – fashion for women over 40

By | January 16, 2018

How to wear a scarf with style for women over 40 - fashion for women over 40

Tracy Gold shows you quick and easy ways to wear a scarf with style for women over 40.***** Online Image Makeover for personalised tips

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About the video:
So many women ask me how should wear a scarf. In this video I’m going to give you some quick and easy ways to wear a scarf with style.

Scarves are actually for practical use of keeping warm, but they can also add a style element to your outfit.

Choosing your scarf:

1. When buying scarves, take a look at your wardrobe. If you wear a lot of print and colour than a plain colour that will go with many outifts is a good choice. If you tend to wear lots of plain colours than a printed or very colourful scarf will work best.

2. Ensure the colour looks good close to your face.

Here are some great ways to wear a scarf with style.

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After many many requests for a video tutorial on on how to tie a blanket scarf, it is finally here! I’ve been trying to do more and more vlogs for you guys and just filmed a makeup vlog yesterday so stayed tuned for that, too!

Blanket scarves have gotten me through multiple winters at this point and I’m SO glad it’s still trending. Luckily, there’s about a million ways to tie one, still many ways I’m sure I don’t know about, but I’m here to show you all my favorite ways. Seven to be exact!

Scarf from Nordstrom:

To read more about my favorite fall trends and accessories this year, head to and click on the fashion tab!

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12 thoughts on “How to wear a scarf with style for women over 40 – fashion for women over 40

  1. Robina Gaines

    This video is for me! I love scarves and I wear them all the time. I like them around my head (especially a bad hair day) around my neck, around my waist on my purse, as a shawl. It helps me to put color in my wardrobe. If i think my outfit is feeling flat i put a scarf on. It works for me! Thanks Tracy you're a Gold mine ;).

  2. Ania J

    Ello Tracy😊
    I've just found your channel and u got my attention πŸ–’
    U just got yourelf a new subscriber

  3. Tracey Kusser

    Well of course I have a collection of scarves too. Just wait until you see my closet, we have a lot to cover in one hour…

  4. Anony Mouse

    So winter 2017-2018, and it looks like the blanket scarf isn't making the appearance that it did a few seasons ago?

  5. Fish Tales

    Hi love your video, was wondering sounds daft i know to ask. but can u wear a coat with these or not?

  6. Haleigh Hindes

    Can you do a home tour pretty please and thank you? Its clearly beautifully decorated and meticulously organized. How the ef do you manage to do it!! πŸ™ƒ

  7. Cheryl B

    I wish someone would make a scarf with not so much material, being petite none of these looks work for me.

  8. saadatch

    Between the blog, insta, snapchat, podcast and now YouTube, I officially feel like we are best friends. Keep being awesome, Juli!

  9. Amy Green

    I'm missing your dirty mouth that you display on snapchat! πŸ˜‚ awesome tutorial


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