How to wear a pashmina, 20 ways….

By | January 13, 2018

“What can you do with a pashmina, how do you wear it?” This question is often asked by people. There for I decided to make this video, showing you about 20 basic ways how to wear a pashmina. Hope you find it useful.

20 thoughts on “How to wear a pashmina, 20 ways….

  1. Julia Pulles

    Thank you so much for your having taken the time to do this video! I actually wore one of my Pashminas today and used the loop with the varied knot (number 8) and paired it with a short jacket. Just gorgeous! Really dressed up my outfit.

  2. Sunil Kr

    Nice Info, also deals in Pashmina, Cashmere Jackets, or entrancing Pashmina shawls, propounds for Home décor including the Paper Mache, Walnut Wood, electric blankets and other handicrafts and artefacts and adds opulence to the Gourmet sensualising the taste buds with Walnuts, Apricots, Saffron, and many more epicurean ingredients.

  3. Chris Muise

    Thank you so much. I see people wearing scarves so beautifully today and I just can get it to look nice. 🙂

  4. Rie Ciarlanto

    Thank you so much!! I really do appreciate your teaching us how to do this.

  5. weasel

    Hi, great video, now can you teach us how to be as beautiful, elegant and classy as you are? 8)

  6. Valeriia Radchenko

    why do you make a video for such primitive advice? what is new here???

  7. Love Thoseveggies

    Excellent video!
    Every time I wear your # 8, I get stopped and asked.."How did you do that?"
    Thanks so much for the great ideas, I really appreciated you taking the time to share your knowledge. 

  8. Mortessa

    #20 I love because I've used a pashmina as a coverup at the beach. Thank you for sharing everything! =)

  9. Fiddle Tats

    Thanks so much! I'm just starting to get into scarves and yours is a great tutorial!

  10. Kawana Fuller

    You were very beautiful and classy. Love your hair! I'm heading to Dubai I'm a few days so thanks for the tips!


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