How to Buy Cashmere Gloves

By | January 20, 2018

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A sumptuous treat for yourself or a luxurious gift for a loved one, cashmere gloves will be a snap to find with these tips.

Step 1: Get the real thing
Get gloves made of 100 percent cashmere, written on the label, instead of a blend for the highest quality.

Step 2: Find 2-ply
Find gloves with at least two-ply yarn instead of a single ply for gloves that will be warmer, stronger, and resist pilling.

Step 3: Perform touch test
Touch the material before purchasing. The gloves should feel extremely soft and smooth.

Avoid cashmere that feels fuzzy, stiff, or scratchy.

Step 4: Perform stretch test
Stretch the fabric to test the loft. Quality fibers will snap back into shape, while lesser-quality knits will stretch out quickly.

Step 5: Buy from trusted sources
Buy from a large department store that employs quality control testing, or from a trusted label that specializes in cashmere.

Did You Know?
Cashmere originates from Kashmiri goats found in the Himalayas.

20 thoughts on “How to Buy Cashmere Gloves

  1. Roman bellics bowling fetish

    sep 1 get your lazy ass
    step to buy them
    then you and your lazy ass is done

  2. Crosswizz

    Im so glad Howcast made this video

    I would be completely unable to buy gloves if it wasn't for this video

  3. Just Some Guy

    @TheHunterkid1998 well how the fuck do i do that? i need a howcast -__-

  4. geico1212

    funny how they choose an indian that picks out gloves made in india 😐

  5. NaiJorJul

    Step one: get in car
    Step two:go to mall
    Step three: get into store
    Step four: look at gloves
    Step five: choose gloves you like
    Step Six: take cash out
    Step seven: buy gloves.

  6. SpankerMyToaster

    Howcast, this is rediculous. You used to make better videos 🙁

  7. metalgrunt400

    Step one: Buy gloves

    optional: Money
    If you do not have money, then steal then by running out of the store.


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