Hijab Tutorial : Square Scarf!

By | December 31, 2017

Hijab Tutorial : Square Scarf!

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Hi guys,

Ever since I started to wear the hijab, I found it very difficult to use a square scarf. They’re not as long as pashmina’s, thats why it was hard to create various styles. After practicing A LOT with the squared scarves, I came up with some easy and fun ways to wear them. This is how I like to wear it when I’m in a rush! It’s simple yet looks very put together!

Hope you enjoy this video!

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Lots of love

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How to Wear a Square Scarf as a Wrap Hijab Tutorial - Haute Hijab

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28 thoughts on “Hijab Tutorial : Square Scarf!

  1. Hajar Lachguer

    i loved it but i rly want to no how it look in behind ? THANK U

  2. PolahAJ

    Thank you Ruba!! I accidentally bo6ght a square scarf for eid tomorrow andnow I know how to style it! May Allah reward you-Jazakallah khair 🙂

  3. mariya malik

    hi, whats the dimensions of the scarf u used in this video?

  4. jane doe

    That isnt a "square" scarf. its more of a short rectangle one… But okay lol

  5. frownyclown2

    thank you! i am going to the mosque next friday for the very first time and i only have a square scarf, now i can wear it. its beautiful thank you!

  6. mira sad

    Thank u very much . I have 2 or 3 square scarfs that I didn't know what 2 do with them , now I can wear them again

  7. fadwa idri

    Plz can u explain to me how do u fix the safety pen under the scarf.because when i use it for a long time it hearts and marks my underchit 🙁

  8. Hakima Ibrahim

    I've watched all of your tutorials and mashaallah you're very classy😘

  9. alzahra michelle lee

    Wow.. Love ur white inner neck.. Where is that from??

  10. alzahra michelle lee

    Wow.. Love ur white inner neck.. Where is that from??


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