Frio colorido

By | May 3, 2018

Check out these girl scarf images:

Frio colorido
girl scarf
Image by Chris Benseler

Cosy Cowl Scarf & Green Eyes
girl scarf
Image by FreckledPast
Cosy Bark Scarf crocheted and donated to Pink Auction by Melissa Mullins

Crocheted and donated by Melissa Mullins of Blarney
Modeled and photographed by Evin O’Keeffe

Donation Code: MMM1

Photo: 3121

Guma garb
girl scarf
Image by modenadude
It was Friday, we went to the Mosque of Sultan Hassan for Guma / Juma / Friday prayer and Kiran and Sofi were waiting for me out in the front while I took my time leaving the gigantic — yet compact if that’s not too oxymoronic for you — mosque.

They weren’t too happy about me grabbing this photo of them 😛

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