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Some cool women scarf images:

women scarf
Image by elyaqim
World Trade Fair USA Bangladeshi পথ মেলা street fair, 75th Street between 37th Road and 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, 28 April 2013. (Photograph by Elyaqim Mosheh Adam.)

Image from page 122 of “In and out of three Normandy inns” (1910)
women scarf
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: inoutofthreenorm03dodd
Title: In and out of three Normandy inns
Year: 1910 (1910s)
Authors: Dodd, Anna Bowman, 1855-1929
Publisher: Boston, Little, Brown, and Company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
hadevidently changed in character, for the blows hadceased. Steps could be heard crossing and re-crossing the wooden floor. A creaking sound suc-ceeded to the beating—it was the creaking andgroaning of a wooden staircase bending beneaththe weight of a human figure. In an upper cham-ber there came the sound of a quiet, subdued sob-bing now. They were the sobs of the girl. Sheat least, had been released. A face, cruel, pinched, hardened, with flamingagate eyes and an insolent smile, stood lookingout at us through the dulled, dusty window-pane.It was the fury. Meanwhile, the peasant was still defending hispost. A moment later the tall frame of the farmersuddenly filled the open doorway. The peasantwell-nigh fell into his masters arms. The farm-ers face was quite terrible to look upon, but thepurple stain of passion was now turned to red.There was a mocking insolence in his tone as headdressed us, that matched with the womans un-concealed glee. Will you not come in, mesdames ? Will you

Text Appearing After Image:
THREE NORMANDY INNS. 91 not rest a while after your long walk? On themans hard face there was still the shadow of asinister cruelty as he waved his hand toward theroom within. The peasants good-humored, loutish smile, andhis stupid, cow-like eyes, by contrast, were theeyes and smile of a benevolent deity. The smile told us we were right, as we slunkaway toward the open road. The head kept nod-ding approval as we vanished presently beneaththe shade of the protecting trees. The fields, as we swept rapidly past them, wereas bathed in peace as when we had left them;there was even a more voluptuous content abroad:for the twilight was wrapping about the land-scape its poppied dusk of gloom and shadow.Above, the birds were swirling in sweeping circles,raining down the ecstasy of their night-song; stillabove, far beyond them, across a zenith pure,transparent, ineffably pink, illumined wisps ofclouds were trailing their scarf-like shapes. Itwas a scene of beatific peace. Across the fieldscame

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Cartagena in Color
women scarf
Image by OneEighteen
I post a lot of black and white night photos so people might get the wrong impression of Cartagena. It is an incredibly bright colored city.

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