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By | April 8, 2018

A few nice women wear scarf images I found:

Carrie Cahill Mulligan, backcountry knitter and milliner, Canaan, New Hampshire
women wear scarf
Image by ccmhats
Me in my own original Heirloom Handknit Hat, proud member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Canaan, NH.

Coahuilla Indian woman at Torres, east of Palm Springs, ca.1903 (CHS-2295)
women wear scarf
Image by
Wikimedia Commons image page


”Coahuilla Indian woman at Torres, east of Palm Springs, ca.1903
Photograph of a Coahuilla Indian woman basket maker at Torres, east of Palm Springs, ca.1903. She is sitting on a blanket with her legs underneath her. She has a small unfinished basked grasped in her hands in her lap. She is wearing a patterned shirt, a scarf tied about her head, and a dark skirt . Basket making supplies and implements sit in front of her on the blanket. Behind her the thatched wall of the structure, a remada, in which she is sitting is visible. The sun shines in through small gaps in the wall and ceiling.

Photographer: Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.), 1861-1946
Filename: CHS-2295
Coverage date: 1902/1904
Part of collection: California Historical Society Collection, 1860-1960
Format: glass plate negatives
Type: images
Part of subcollection: Title Insurance and Trust, and C.C. Pierce Photography Collection, 1860-1960
Repository name: USC Libraries Special Collections
Accession number: 2295
Microfiche number: 1-172-; 1-162-
Archival file: chs_Volume92/CHS-2295.tiff
Geographic subject (city or populated place): Torres; Palm Springs
Repository address: Doheny Memorial Library, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0189
Geographic subject (country): USA
Format (aacr2): 1 photograph : glass photonegative, b&w ; 21 x 26 cm.
Rights: Digitally reproduced by the USC Digital Library; From the California Historical Society Collection at the University of Southern California
Call number: CHS-2295
Repository email:
Contributing entity: California Historical Society
Date created: 1902/1904
Publisher (of the digital version): University of Southern California. Libraries
Format (aat): photographs
Geographic subject (state): California
Legacy record ID: chs-m15391
Access conditions: Send requests to address or e-mail given. Phone (213) 821-2366; fax (213) 740-2343.
Subject (lcsh): Indians of North America; Indian basket makers; Missions, Spanish
Subject: Mission Indians; Indians; Palm Springs — Coahuilla, Mission Indians

1902/1904 (date created)

Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.), 1861-1946

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Images from USC Digital Library uploaded by Fæ

California Historical Society Collection, 1860-1960
Glass plate negatives
Photographs taken by Charles C. Pierce

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