Cool Women Wear Scarf images

By | March 26, 2018

A few nice women wear scarf images I found:

Actions & Words (blue eye)
women wear scarf
Image by ky_olsen
McCall’s Magazine cover, Woman wearing scarf

Little Flower of the Mosel (211/365)
women wear scarf
Image by kersy83
This lady’s clearly got a great wine future ahead of her. She’s wearing the Moselblümchen (little flower of the Mosel), which is a traditional dress that comes out at the wine festival and is worn by the winemaker women. The guys have a similar part, with a blue striped shirt and the same red scarf.

I love how pretty much everyone who has a stake in this place gets involved. I was in the parades from the age of about six, first wearing the Moselblümchen dress while waving from the wine queen’s float, then as a marching band member, then as wine princess (the honour!) and finally the grand prize, as the village’s wine queen (A job which requires royalty to climb into a huge paper maché wine glass using a step ladder.). My dad and mum sell wine at the roadside. My brother builds the floats himself now.

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