Cool Women Scarf images

By | June 11, 2018

Some cool women scarf images:

women scarf
Image by Neil. Moralee
“I look at Gloria with her red hair and glass of champagne and expression of utter disdain and wonder how many expletives she’d manage to fit into a sentence if I asked her to teach me to knit or bake me a cake.”
― Clare Furniss, How Not To Disappear

Scarf, lift me to the sky
women scarf
Image by Hajul Anderson

Photographer: Tuan (Đà Nẵng)
Clothing assistant: Jenny
Makeup artist: Jenny
Model: Hajul
Location: Hoi An Green field

That afternoon at the private green flield in Hoi An, I felt i was like another girl.So free to be my self.I danced and ran by my bare foot seemed as a little child on the country side road.Could not believe that I fell in love with Hoi An and the ppl there too quick.I wanna send my true love to Any and my Lion who the special ones made me laugh and drive me crazy.My life flew slowly and peacefully when both of you wrapped me in your arm.Like a heaven…..Now, Im a woman in love…again

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