Cool Girl Scarf images

By | April 11, 2018

Some cool girl scarf images:

Where the Wind Blows
girl scarf
Image by Kathryn Denman
I don’t know If I want to keep watermarking my images. What do you think? Is it really keeping them all that safe? Hmm.

I am so thrilled with this shot! It is exactly the direction I want to take my work and I feel so accomplished. C.Anello and I went out shooting yesterday and she was so awesome to model for me! I even dropped her, but she did it again anyway 🙂 i did a blog post on this image if you are curious to see some behind the scenes stuff. My blog is on my website. I’ll probably post a behind the scenes photo on my facebook too. I am in love with photography!!!!

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Furried for the Photo (1921)
girl scarf
Image by postaletrice
Vintage real photo postcard, circulated in 1921, with a "K Ltd" stampbox, photographer unknown, Spain.

Dedicated to biljana, because memorable things can be achieved no matter where you live and no matter who you are.

© Casas-Rodríguez Collection, 2009. Some rights reserved.

Put the stars in our eyes
girl scarf
Image by lavishlylush
Props to Hannah for this

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