5 Ways To Wear A Cashmere Scarf – MoonCats Review | MakeupAndArtFreak

By | December 4, 2017

5 Ways To Wear A Cashmere Scarf - MoonCats Review | MakeupAndArtFreak

5 ways to wear your scarf featuring MoonCats cashmere scarf

In this video I am wearing:
MoonCats Cashmere scart in the style “French Couture”
Sweather + Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Rock&Candy

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The One Row Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a simple scarf that I recommend as an easy pattern that always knits up into a great looking scarf. In this video I walk through the stitches and tips on knitting this scarf.

You can find the free One Row Scarf pattern on the Yarn Harlot’s website here:

You can visit the Yarn Harlot’s blog here:

There are over 10,000 pattern pages for this scarf! You can see other knitters’ finished scarves and get ideas for your own by browsing those:

The cast-on for this pattern is “a multiple of 4, plus 2”. If you need help understanding this, this video will help:

Here is my video on adding fringe:

Detailed info on the gray scarf I knit can be found here:

The yarns I used in my examples are both Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal.

You can use any needles for this pattern (straight or circular), I’m using double-pointed needles only because they are short and fit well on camera.

My nail polish is by Julep, color “Evan”: http://refer.julep.com/s/stacip
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30 thoughts on “5 Ways To Wear A Cashmere Scarf – MoonCats Review | MakeupAndArtFreak

  1. Kranium's Demeanor

    ive only just started wearing scarves….I love wearing scarves, they're so much fun

  2. MakeupAndArtFreak

    NEW VIDEO was up yesterday! 5 ways to wear acashmere scarf! (or any other scarf, really..) – MoonCatsreview! 😀

  3. Gratitude Ranch

    I’m looking for a simple pattern to use for a blanket. I don’t want “holes” in it so it’s warm, but want some texture to it.

    This might be nice. Don’t want anything too complex. It’s my relaxation. 😇
    Any other ideas?

  4. Rosy Roxles

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your tutorial!
    Around a week ago my parents found my Grandmother’s bag of wool and knitting needles and asked if I wanted them. She taught me when I was little (she died 19 years ago) and I wondered if I still remembered. Well, I did! I decided to make scarfs for Xmas pressies, but realised a basic knit would look a bit dull. I didn’t even realise there were different size needles for different yarns! 😂 Watching your tutorial (looking up how to knit into the back and how to purl along the way!) has just expanded my knitting ability and confidence and I’m half way through a scarf for my sister in law now! Ive also ordered different yarns for Mum and Mother in law. Your teaching style is amazing. 💕

  5. Allessalreggkom _

    Thank you so much! You are still my favorite. I just love watching you!

  6. Alice-Ann Pullen

    How do I print a copy of the Pattern? I am at a Library computer

  7. Marlene Dahl

    If I wanted to knit stripes of colour with this pattern, would that work do you think? Cant wait to give this scarf a go nonetheless! Your videos are great!

  8. Donna Ridenhour-McHenry

    You talked for 2 minutes and 52 seconds before the demo; reverse that, please…..demo then talk……I'm short on time…..or, if I see it's you, I can fast forward to the three minute mark. Please speed this up. Thanks!!

  9. Martha Merrill

    Thank you for this video. I was looking for a beginner scarf pattern.

  10. florisa Esquivel

    I just realized I'm a Continental knitter, as I'm still a beginner how would I go about this? I'm trying to learn English style but I'm failing lolz

  11. BBknits

    You're such an amazing teacher Staci! Thank you for showing the technique. LOVE this pattern <3

  12. farhorizongardens

    One of my earlier projects was a stockinette scarf and I ended up binding off a third of the way through because it kept curling! I wish I had known about this earlier, but I guess it's never to late to learn!

  13. Cecily Wynn

    Found pattern today…LOVE IT! Making one for myself right away. Thx u for sharing.

  14. Cheryl Collins

    Thank you for this pattern. I was looking for a new project and I'm going right out to the craft store to get a pretty yarn.

  15. Gianna Bianco

    I am a beginner. When my aunt visited, she taught me how to knit a washcloth. The next thing she wanted me to make was a scarf. I would like to try this pattern, but the only thing I'm confused about is what order the stitches are on the other side. Does anyone know? Thank you.

  16. Robina Gasson

    have only discovered this one row pattern recently and have been using it since then. Sorry that I had not found it long ago. It is so easy to do and looks much better than others I have tried

  17. Camille Anderson

    My granddaughter found some yarn she really loved and asked me to knit her a cap. I used this scarf pattern and turned it into a cap for her. I also knit her a scarf.


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